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Here are some stuff that has been in the press. A lot has slipped in time but here are some that I have been able to archive.

Hürriyet Newspaper

Akşam Newspaper -

Radikal Newspaper

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“Wu-tang Flakes” linol baskı 1/50 29x42cm Ari Sarkis Alpert – 2016 Available @mixerarts

"With all the chaos we are living in, this is an interpretation of being in a "State of Emergency" – with some Wu-Flakes and dose of cream for a healthy revolutionary breakfast to start the day." A.S.A - This print was done during the "Gezi" uprising in the summer of 2016. . With linocut being the choice of technique it is also appropriate to say that the art of printmaking was used through out centuries to make a statement – revolt against a system – reproducing images for the masses. #osman #arisarkisalpert #arialpert

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