She Spent 4 Months Hand-Cutting A Paper Microbe

Cut Microbe” is a sculpture entirely hand cut out of paper. Measuring 44 inches/112cms in length, it is half a million times bigger than the ecoli bacteria upon which it is based. I wanted to create a sculpture that reflected in the process of being made the incredible scale and complexity of this microbiological world. I am amazed at the strange beauty of the natural world and wanted to open people’s eyes to aspects of it that they rarely see.

Commissioned to make this sculpture for the Eden Project in the UK. It will be part of a new exhibition centre entitled “The Invisible You“, exploring the Human Biome, that is the vast colony of microbes that live on and in our bodies. There are countless millions of these bugs swimming around our intestine like alien jellyfish! They play a crucial role in the functioning of our bodies.
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