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Linol Printing Workshop - Linoleum Printing Workshop
Date: 14 May Sunday - 14 MAY Sunday
Time: 14.00-17.00
Contact and rzv: 05379318085 or DM
Engraving, which is a technique that is used in printing, is the art of engraving in the artistic sense and is also called "engraving".
Linoleum; It is a kind of base material made of hemp weaving, plastered with linseed oil, natural resin, cork powder, sawdust, limestone. In the linoleum printing technique, the selected visual material is engraved on the linoleum with the help of a cutting knife and then painted with printing ink and rollers. During the printing process, the high parts are transferred to the paper, not the engraved areas. In this sense, it is necessary to do the engraving process on the basis of the negative of the image we want to be transferred to the paper.
The materials required for linoleum printing will be prepared for each participant;
- One 10.5x15 cm cut linoleum sheet
- Linoleum cutting blade (possibility to purchase)
- Paper to be printed on
- Wooden spoon to be used during the printing process - Ink
Participants can work on the ready-made images they will choose in the workshop, the images they have prepared in accordance with the engraving process and 10.5 x 15 cm ratio as in the example, or the pattern they will draw directly on the linoleum with a marker pen.
In our workshop, after a brief briefing on the selection and preparation of the image to be printed, our participants, who will experience all the processes and practices regarding printing in company with the engraver Ari Alpert, will have the chance to produce a small and edition series for themselves or to present to their loved ones on the upcoming Valentine's Day.
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