Why Drexciya took Detroit electro underwater

As Drexciya, the Detroit duo Gerald Donald and James Stinson made some of the best electro ever put to record. Through their track titles, artwork and lyrics, they imagined an expansive science fiction universe populated by people who lived underwater—the descendants of pregnant slaves thrown overboard during transatlantic journeys—and beings from outer space. Following in the footsteps of artists like Sun Ra and George Clinton, Drexciya created an Afrofuturist fantasy that remains captivating and emotional today. In this film, we explore the roots of Donald and Stinson's unique take on electro, the aquatic mythology that surrounds it, and their lasting impact on electronic music.

Gerald Donald quote: Red Bull Radio
Image at 1.17: Mark Dancey / Red Bull Music Academy
Interviews with James Stinson: Andrew Duke and Liz Copeland

Narrator: Moxie
Writer: Andrew Ryce
Editor: Guy Clarke
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